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        ETRL welcomes you to our sim community !!!  

                           Here you will find a Fun-First Foundation, ready to rock, ready to roll !!
          ETRL was launched in 2004 as Bristol Boys Racing, the original(BBR) with 4 members Dogeduece2, Tinyman25,
            Gator(R.I.P.) and Papabird. With the help of miss Robin our first yahoo builder website was launched.

               Over the years ETRL has only progressed with major support from Prowler, Sneaky(over at CTRL).
      BBR was then faced with a situation that required a name change, since all of our members where expanding beyond
     the Bristol Tn.area ETRL was then formed (East Tn Racing League). Although many of our members are now from abroad
                         we feel here that we must represent the heart of what we started.

                     Now we have multiple personalities as well as multiple driver lines and strategies,
                          which make up for a super fun atmosphere, so if you are lookin for a place
     where you will have a chance to win and not worry about that other guy runnin 10 mph faster than you, then ETRL
 is for you. and if you are seeking other sim platforms then i suggest you visit www.etrl.net and our newest friends
                               over at www.doomplatoon.com
 where the killin never stops!!!